What is Spantel? Why Spantel?

Spantel provides a Windows-based, web-enabled, application service provider (ASP) technology platform for traditional and speech recognized medical transcription. Health care providers and medical transcription service organizations rely on the company to capture recorded dictations, transcribe medical reports, track production expenses, and manage workflow distribution over the Internet. Tens of thousands of physicians, transcriptionists, and health information management professionals utilize the system daily as their primary tool to securely generate and manage electronic patient records.

Hospital Direct™ by Spantel is an enterprise dictation/transcription and speech recognition workflow application for the creation of medical documentation. Its rich feature set is designed to increase overall productivity while enhancing clinical staff's ability to deliver excellence in patient care. Features include rules-based multi-organizational workflow, dictation and document tracking and management, speech recognition, reporting functions, out-source management module, and robust interface capabilities. It is designed with full security measures that ensure compliance with regulations.

SpeechRite by Spantel is a front-end, real time speech recognition program that provides highly accurate drafts for immediate review and e-sign by the physician at the point of reading the study. This helps eliminate transcription cost, and speed up study completion time. Radiologists of all seniority levels love the flexibility of workflow, continuing support of transcription, and no change in user patterns, resulting in 100% adoption of SpeechRite. Built on a Cloud Computing architecture, SpeechRite is offered without costs.......on pay-per-use.

Proven ROI

Proven ROI With no up-front costs or IT requirements, it's easy to see how Spantel can immediately eliminate your capital investments as well as minimize operational costs. In addition, Spantel's system gives you full access and control over vendor rates, costs, and schedules, saving you time and money.

Detailed Management

Detailed Management Oversee, adjust, and regulate your operations from start to finish. Spantel shows you what's needed, when it's needed, what's on track and who is accountable - with the flexibility to make adjustments at every stage.

Total Control

Total ControlFrom role-based access control, to line count controls, workflow controls, life-cycle visibility and work prioritizations.

Business Model

Seamless Integration Spantel automation based transcription management principles provide a unique business model to achieve flexibility, risk reduction, predictable performance, ease of contracting and cost savings.


Meaningful Use Using M*Modal speech recognition technologies for Frontend and Backend processing, our technology platform optimizes process, enables controls, provides verifiable line counts, and promotes documentation of high quality, in shorter times and lower costs. It is designed to meet HIPAA security issues that are now impacted by HITECH, and provide documents that are structured and encoded for clinical informatics, data analysis and meaningful use application.

High Quality, Low Cost

Solid Security Spantel understands that organizations need to become high-quality, low-cost service providers. Spantel systematically roots out inefficiencies and waste and automates processes that serve the dual goal of reducing costs and improving the quality of service deliverables.